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Target Canada Complaints

Target Canada Complaints

Target Canada - The company offers household essentials, including pharmacy, fashion, pet, beauty, personal care, baby care, cleaning, and paper products; hardlines comprising music, movies, books, computer software, sporting goods, and toys, as well as electronics to name a few. Expect more, Pay Less at Target

Target Canada Customer Complaints and Reviews

Thank your for your interest in helping to improve customer service at Target Canada. All reviews and complaints matter. Please share your latest experiences to provide feedback on the Target Canada customer service. Write your own customer service complaint or review for Target Canada below.

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Latest Target Canada Complaints and Reviews

Reviewed by Cool Gram: 1.25 out of 10 on 7/23/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Welland,Ontario
All I hear when I go into your stores is the uncomfortable sound possibly made by the heating/cooling system. No music, nothing to make me feel happy or want to be there. So quiet I feel compelled to barely talk to my companions and your prices are usually way more than Walmart, so why would I stay?. I see more staff in Giant Tiger and their staff are always friendly, yours are not! Seems you don't know Canadians very well. By the way, more people in Canada like Tim Hortons.

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Reviewed by not impressed: 1.00 out of 10 on 7/22/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Oakville, On Hopedale Mall
Worst store EVER! I was so excited to hear a Target was opening near my house. The Zellers that use to occupy the now "Target" store was dirty, poor customer service, out of date items, horrible sales. So I was looking forward to having a new store and shopping experience. I have NEVER written a review good or bad for anything but I feel the need to review this store. AWFUL customer service and I have tried them several times over a period of a year. Each time with the same results. No store employees, terrible manners, empty store, no customers, but at least I know why now? In todays economy TARGET executives this ones for attention before all of your stores fold up shop and return to the United States......CUSTOMER SERVICE yup pretty simple you would think? From floor employees to Managers, terrible customer service. Make the customer happy and they will return again and again. Customers are always right even when they are wrong. I am a stay at home mom of 3 children ages ranging in 10-18 yrs. I shop a lot and I have to say, your service sucks! You had a high price item on sale, I went the next day to see if I could get the same item for the sale price and the manager made me feel like I was a criminal! This was not a cheap item it was electronics.. Anyway, I managed to find the same item at another store (not Target) with your flyer even though it was expired now by 2 days and guess what???? they honoured it! Because they want a returning customer, happy customer. I am well educated and have worked previously in the customer service industry for many years before raising my children. I know what it is to be a good customer service rep. And you Target DO NOT!

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Reviewed by Kate: 5.50 out of 10 on 7/19/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Brandon
As I went into Starbucks this afternoon I noticed all of the baristas had jewlery and piercings in. I feel this is very unhygienic as something could easily fall into my drink. I would think that this is not a part of target policy and I hope the next time I return this will not happen again.

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Reviewed by Adjowa: 4.00 out of 10 on 7/18/2014
City/Location Reviewed: 45 Overlea Blvd, Toronto
I really hope someone reads this because I am just tired of poor customer service. I am the type of person who never files complaints but working in the customer service field myself, this situation makes me angry. A fellow co-worker told me the amazing 50 percent off swim suit deal that target was having. I work two jobs but I knew this was a sale not to miss. By the time I cashed out the store was about to close. I approached the cashier and said hi, I got no response from her. I thought that was really rude but I ignored it because I figured it was the end of the night and she was ready to go home. I expressed how great the deal was and still no response from her. I questioned if the items were being scanned at 50 percent, still no response. One of the items didn't have a tag on it. She states to me rudely that there is no tag, like it was my fault that the item didn't have a tag on it. Honestly I was just exhausted and hungry I said since it's late I will go and grab the item. Her response back was pretty rude. Again I expressed since I am going to grab the item to make sure the items were being scanned at 50 percent. As a customer I trusted she would at least do that especially since I made a dash to get another item that had a tag on it. I am no different from her; I too was also tired and ready to go home. When I brought back the item she didn't even say thank you to me. I asked again did the items scan at 50 percent she again didn't respond. She started having a conversation with another co-worker. But I saw her look at the screen so I assumed she checked. I paid and left. As I was walking I reviewed the receipt and some prices did not seem right. I couldn't go back in because the store was closed. When I got home I realized some items did not scan at 50 percent and one of the bra straps was missing (I am the type of lady who needs her straps). The strap must have dropped on the floor when she was putting it in the bag. I am completely frustrated because I

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Reviewed by Natasha: 3.25 out of 10 on 7/17/2014
City/Location Reviewed: KINGSTON, ON
I really hope someone hears about these experiences at my local store: I'm tired of the prices that aren't great, the plain and boring stuff you sell, but most of all I'm tired of the service people. Around June 10, in the afternoon, my girlfriends and I were shopping at the mall and we made the mistake of going into Target, and we wanted help picking out shorts for this classmate guys birthday party, and because the shorts were four feet from the electronics girls just standing there, we totally thought we could get help. I waited for them to finish talking about a "stupid acting co-worker", and asked for help. The two red shirt girls said they couldn't come out of the area BY FOUR FEET, even when there was noboby else to help in the DVD and video area. At my work, we help the customer in any kind of way, even by yelling help over (if not allowed to move). The guy standing there talking to and distracting the good-looking girls had a red shirt and turned around and left. I said can't he help me? She said that he wasn't on his shift yet! Why was he there bugging them then? Arrgh! I only mention this because we went back again about a month later and this guy was in our way again. This time i wrote his name down- Matt (chubby, younger, and facial hair). He was again standing like it's a hang-out bar, with a guy who looks like the manager doing nothing about us waiting in line with no help upstairs at the check-out, and I won't come back to Target again because of this. I'm standing for a long 5 minutes while him, guy with bald head and a tall older heavy redish lady, talk about funny things and laugh. It's a shame my awesome and hard worker cousin can't find a job and these nerf brains don't want the ones they got! Nostrovia.

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Reviewed by Penguin: 7.75 out of 10 on 7/2/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Any
Stores are too quiet, no music, feels lifeless, uncomfortable shopping there, usually end cutting shopping trip short and going to a store with a pulse.

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Reviewed by bjr: 2.00 out of 10 on 6/24/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Orleans, On
Have been in the local store 3 times this Spring. On all 3 occasions, I found a pair of men's shorts or pants that I liked and would have purchased. On 0 (that is ZERO) occasions, did they have my size 34 waist, which is probably one of the most popular sizes. Unacceptable people - get a grip!!!!!!

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Reviewed by Michaela: 1.75 out of 10 on 6/18/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Ottawa
Nice store, nice employees but no stock - they don't replenish their stock and there's not much of anything. No variety. I went to the pharmacy last night and they were out of a certain medicine I wanted. There might have been a half a dozen people shopping - sad.

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Reviewed by itt: 3.25 out of 10 on 6/9/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Vancouver
long story short, its June. And we have been back and forth with target since February.... finally we are talking to someone to solve our problem.... well all they can do is offer us $50.00 store credit... that's it.... they dragged us through the dirt, and they mistreated us, and were awful to us about getting anything done for us... it has been absolutely HORRENDOUS- a complete nightmare. and they weren't even sorry. it was only ever "unfortunate" but that's it. and four months waiting for them to fix this....and $50.00 is all we get. received better compensation from a NFP shoe store....

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Reviewed by Shushe59: 6.25 out of 10 on 6/8/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Maple Ridge
Attended Target Maple Ridge on Saturday June 7 approximately 9:45 am. One cashier was on with approx 5 customers. Stood in that line as self check outs were busy. The customer in front of me was an employee of Target and was doing an exchange and purchasing more items. The cashier did not know how to do this kind of return and called over the customer service person Susan, who was to be looking over the self checkouts too. As this return was taking a while I decided to go to the self checkout. After scanning the first item it went in twice and there is no button to reverse I had to push the attendant button. I waited she never acknowledge me standing there, the next self check out lane also went down and that customer pushed her button for assistance again we were ignored. Susan was resting her arms on the check stand watching the cashier make the return and never even looked over. We then asked if someone could help us and she completely ignored us. After 7 or 8 mins, we asked her for some help she said I am busy I will come over when I am done. She was still just resting her arms on top of the till watching the return. I through down my purchases so did the other customer and walked to the door. In which the teller yelled behind us to the Starbucks attendant I am busy so you will not get your break till someone else comes in.

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Thank you for your interest in Target Canada Customer Care. Your Complaints and reviews provide valuable feedback to all Department businesses to improve the service we as customers are provided.

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