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Target Canada Complaints

Target Canada Complaints

Target Canada - The company offers household essentials, including pharmacy, fashion, pet, beauty, personal care, baby care, cleaning, and paper products; hardlines comprising music, movies, books, computer software, sporting goods, and toys, as well as electronics to name a few. Expect more, Pay Less at Target

Target Canada Customer Complaints and Reviews

Thank your for your interest in helping to improve customer service at Target Canada. All reviews and complaints matter. Please share your latest experiences to provide feedback on the Target Canada customer service. Write your own customer service complaint or review for Target Canada below.

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Latest Target Canada Complaints and Reviews

Reviewed by Dave in Toronto: 5.00 out of 10 on 4/21/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto Victoria Park
I have noticed that the prices charged at the cash register do not coincide with the posted prices on the shelf quite often What price does the company honour? When questioned employees scan again and do not check the store shelves for the posted price. I have had this happen a few times now. Today I bought a DVD that was listed as $7.50 but scanned at $9.99. Also bought a book that was scanning at $22.49 but as it was listed at 25% off of the cover price and the cover price said $18.99 CDN and it was off 25% so there was obviously something wrong with the scanned price so the price was adjusted. I believe good customer service would entail that maybe once in a while the shelf price should be checked and honoured rather than the scan always being considered right. Either that or the shelf prices should be updated and corrected more often than it appears to be now.

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Reviewed by Bethune: 10.00 out of 10 on 4/15/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Welland Seaway Mall
Love Target's merchandise, clothes are good quality and when they go on sale it is usually a very good sale. Sale people are friendly and helpful.

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Reviewed by Panadashop: 3.00 out of 10 on 4/7/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto Stockyards
Staff needs some people skill training. It's really wonderful that they have tight security to ensure they don't have theft occurrences, but when it comes to the customer's shopping experience, they are lacking in people skills. The stockyards location opened about three weeks ago so I understand that they are still adjusting. However they seem to only hire inexperienced security staff who do very well to see you don't walk out without paying but they can't tell if a customer is looking around for help. I said "Hello" to see if he will respond by asking if I need help. Instead he looked away very awkwardly (like he needed to be elsewhere). I had to get his attention again to ask "Can I get some help?" and he called for someone who didn't arrive for ten full minutes and only just as I was walking away from the self checkout to a real cashier to save time. Aside from that mishap, should you find an already opened cosmetics product, don't pick it up thinking it is a tester. It takes about 2 minutes upon trying an already opened product before staff will tell you that none of their products are available for testing and it will be taken away from you very quickly. They may be the only Canadian location that sells Sonia Kashuck, but none of it is worth the high pricing if you cannot test before buying. You are better off buying from The Bay, Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, Costco, or even Walmart.

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Reviewed by mui mui: 5.00 out of 10 on 3/14/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Surrey
I was looking for some barstools in your Langley store, there were only a couple on display and they were on the upper shelf all tied up. So I flagged down a staff and asked if he'd bring them down so I'd try them? He said he couldn't due to liability reason. He further explained that the stools were not assembled by them. Just in case someone fell while they sat on them, they will be liable. So I asked him how the customer was supposed to know if they liked the stool if they couldn't try them and how were they able to make a sale if that's how they operate? He apologised and said he didn't make the rules. No wonder Target lost $1B last year. Someone high up in Target to take note!!

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Reviewed by jj: 5.00 out of 10 on 3/14/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Edmonton
,Shopping at Target is okay. What I don't like and so many others that I have talked to is how there is only one main entrance to get into Target. I shop at Mill Woods Town Center and when Zellers was there,there was an entrance from the mall which is now closed off. When I am doing my shopping at the grocery store I would many many times proceed to Zellers to shop. Now that Target has closed off the entrance I don't bother and it is a nuisance to get in the vehicle and drive around to the main entrance. Target, I believe, is losing big coin by this decision.

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Reviewed by Sir: 1.00 out of 10 on 3/7/2014
City/Location Reviewed: St-Laurent quebec canada
Recently I visited the above named Target store to purchase some computer printer ink. I found the item without a problem. The problem came when I tried to purchase it. I proceeded to the cash (second floor) where two sales people were standing in conversation. I was initially ignored so I said I would like to purchase the item. Response from 2 salespeople doing nothing but talking. I would need to go get an electronic salesperson, go down stairs to another cash to be served. So two salespeople need to get a third to perform a service, that is make a sale. I decided to go down stairs rather than argue. At the front of the store the company only had self checkout. I can see why the previous two couldn't do their job. So I proceeded to self checkout. I ask a representative where was the English button instructions. Sorry sir we unfortunately do not give English screen instructions. Sorry Target I don't do business with any company that doesn't respect me and my community. Unfortunately you have chosen to sacrifice my patronage to bow down to Quebec nationalism even in English dominated areas of greater Montreal. I believe in health competition and hoped your company would do well here in Canada. It would benefit the company and its employees to better serve all customers. Write back if the company is progressive. If not C'est la Vie. Robert Bogue

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Reviewed by Very Upset!: 1.00 out of 10 on 2/24/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Halifax(Bayer's Lake)
I am an Adult Action Figure Collector so I called out this Location for a certain item,was told it would be put at customer service for me.Due to a recent injury I'm laid up for a while so someone else went all the way up there to get it for me and for some reason it wasn't there,my thanks to the person who searched high and low for it but my item was sold to somebody else,the person who said it would be there messed up and this was in the span of an hour.Whoever got the item I hope you enjoy it because I wont be!First time there,Last time there.

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Reviewed by mumzie: 9.75 out of 10 on 2/4/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Moncton
I really appreciate the overall neat/organized stores with wide aisles clear of stock and assorted debris that I experience in many other establishments. Prices are competitive and many of the sale prices very attractive. I also appreciate the ability to shop for regular goods (household, lingerie, socks, pharmacy etc) and still be able to pick up convenience grocery like milk, bread and juice on the same trip (at competitive not convenience store pricing). To date, the customer service I have experienced has been excellent. Staff are friendly, helpful and pleasant to deal with. My complaints are: on my recent visit I was charged regular price for an item which was marked down and will have to revisit the store in order to get my refund (ie make sure mark downs are entered into the system when they are made directly on the product) and there are gaping holes in many departments (time to get the stock levels up to par or risk losing customers).

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Reviewed by Lisa from Stittsville: 1.00 out of 10 on 2/4/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Kanata
Worst store ever. Really poor customer service. Was accused of 'stealling' stuff from the store by the manager because I was trying to use a coupon that would have made the price of some Glade candles to 0! Which I had already received approval to do from the head cashier. Store is nothing more than an slightly more modern Zellers. Prices much higher than for same product in an ?US store. Quality of goods really poor (ie. shoes, jewelry, clothes). Actually, and I can't believe I am saying this, I wish Zeller's was still around! They didn't pretend to be something they weren't like Target is. 'Target Lite' is what was we call them. Target has made me appreciate Walmart!

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Reviewed by spidey: 10.00 out of 10 on 2/4/2014
City/Location Reviewed: fergus ontario
Just love our new Target store in Fergus, nice and clean .Lots of really nice modern good quality items.Shop there often.Great sales too!!

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