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Loblaws Complaints

Loblaws Complaints

Loblaws is a supermarket chain with over 70 stores in Canada, headquartered in Brampton, with stores across Ontario and Quebec. Loblaws is a division of Loblaw Companies Limited, Canada's largest food distributor.

Loblaws Customer Complaints and Reviews

Thank your for your interest in helping to improve customer service at Loblaws. All reviews and complaints matter. Please share your latest experiences to provide feedback on the Loblaws customer service. Write your own customer service complaint or review for Loblaws below.

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Latest Loblaws Complaints and Reviews

Reviewed by deceived: 5.50 out of 10 on 1/13/2017
City/Location Reviewed: loblaws broadview danforth
I bought some store made cookies on the weekend. When I got home I noticed the best before date was that same day and it was posted on a sticker. When I looked a little more closely, I noticed the sticker was covering the Best Before date on the actual package. That date showed the product had expired Dec 18. To be clear, Loblaws had covered the original and expired BB4 date and intentionally deceived customers. Not a best practice Loblaws. Not impressed. Note: you don't deserve one star but the form doesn't work if I leave it blank

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Reviewed by Stu: 7.00 out of 10 on 12/29/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto/Forest Hill
I bought a Farmers Market apple pie on Dec 22/16. We started eating it just after Christmas and noticed a long human hair and apple twig in the pie. We were shocked. I didn't want to just return the pie as I would have just gotten an apology and my money back from the store. I wanted to speak with a live customer service representative in order to vent my anger at finding the human hair and Apple twig in the pie. I tried the phone # on the bill and it was a survey that didn't record my feedback properly. Hopefully I will get a prompt response from you. The bill #122216 113402 5993 01212.

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Reviewed by Raymond Wong: 1.00 out of 10 on 12/29/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Vancouver, BC
I have been shopping at T&T store at Chinatown location. I also participated many times in your survey for my shopping experience. It was positive until yesterday when I purchased a prepackaged of roasted pork.( $7.00) When I opened it, I found there were all fat with very little meat. ( it was hard to see from the outside ). I was so upset that I threw it in the thrash box. But at the back of the receipt, there was a refund policy but then I have to return it within 48 hours. From my past experience with other grocery stores, like Safeway, Save-on, they would happy to refund me or even compensate me for a gift certificate with higher value for reporting the defects so that they can plan for better future quality control without even the original purchase, but with the receipt. Last night I was forced to go out to purchase a meal for my dinner. I am a long time customer of Loblaws and T&T, but this experience made me feel disgusted. From a large corporation, I want a fast response from you For your information: store: 10003 Code: 122816 124103 8098 10003

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Reviewed by igdaxx: 1.00 out of 10 on 12/22/2016
City/Location Reviewed:
I have been shopping at your store since grand opening loyally, I went in today and grabbed 2 of your pc ice creams that said 2 for $7 as well as a few other things. I went to the self checkout and the ice cream rang up at $4 each, with no one to assist me I proceeded to put all the items back and head to a cashier. I explained and she replied that if the self check out said $4 so would hers. She asked if I yes me could go and rip off the sale signs of both ice creams and off I went. When I brought both stickers back with the flavours she was perplexed and called a head cashier or supervisor (I assume) She said that she thought (not for sure) that 2 for items need to be the same flavour but thought that was ridiculous and scanned one of the ice creams twice so that I could get the 2/$7 I don't know of any other grocery stores that force you to buy the same flavours. I was enjoying the New Loblaws experience but am now thinking I should go back to Metro. I'm curious to hear what the company has to say before I tell friends and family and share on social media. Regards Ignazio Eterno store 01020 code 120816 161108 8113 01020 The response I got from head office was to send them the barcode of the ice cream i had already eaten. Once I explained that the other response was like thanks for your help and you complaint has been forwarded. What a pass the buck response from such a large corporation I will be gladly go back to Metro or Sobeys

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Reviewed by Brenda: 4.00 out of 10 on 12/21/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Fergus ontario
I am very very dissatisfied with our zehrs store in Fergus Ontario. Firstly I went for WHITE potatoes and was informed that lob laws no longer carries white potatoes. We do not like yellow or russet potatoes and the red potatoes cost twice as much. Why are you not carrying white when other grocery chains still do. I was not the only customer requesting these Secondly it is 4 days before Xmas so everyone is shopping for dinner supplies. I needed raspberry pie filling. NONE. And no idea when it was coming in. Thirdly and one of the most frustrating WHY do you not have packers at the checkouts. Do you really understand how frustrating it is for seniors (myself being one) to pack their own groceries. It's bad enough that we have to bring our own bags. The lineups are absolutely rediculous due to people emptying their carts onto the conveyor and then all their groceries bunching up at the other end as the cashier rings everything through. Your bread is squished and everything is mixed up. If a packer was their they would be bagging as you go through and therefore no hold up. You need to check this out as your prices are the highest and people will be going elsewhere for their groceries. I am also not the only one complaining about the above problems. You maybe need to start hiring secret shoppers to get in lines and listen to complaints identical to mine. Thank you A very very frustrated customer that has been dedicated for years. But am on my last legs for putting up with this lack of service. Please do not say that the cashiers are to bag as we all know that's not happening.

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Reviewed by Sally: 5.50 out of 10 on 12/18/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Rideau St Ottawa
Yesterday morning we purchased too much cheese and pasta. In the afternoon we returned the excess and a very snarky officious customer service agent, Seanacee Edwards felt the cheese and said it was not cold therefore it could not be returned. I immediately asked for the manager and Tom Yu confirmed his colleagues assertion. I insisted on speaking to his boss and eventually we were given a refund. Both employees were rude and in complete contrast to the service I receive at your competitors' establishments. I am a long time customer of Loblaws and this experience does little to retain me. Sally Southey

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Reviewed by simbabee: 3.25 out of 10 on 12/17/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario
stopped in at this Loblaws to pick up a few things yesterday, and will never go back. Specifically wanted a cake and flowers for my husbands birthday. When looking at the flowers, the girl in the department never bothered to ask me if I needed any help, and shortly after my arrival left the department. There was no one there to wrap the flowers and no bell to ring to call someone. Ended up having to wrap the flowers myself. When I arrived home and took off the wrappings that were around the flowers, I was surprised to note that some of the stems were mushy, mouldy and covered in slime. It was a very busy bouquet of mixed flowers, and I did not notice that there were quite a few small roses in the mix. Dead roses! very dead roses! some had actually dried. For $25 I would expect to at least have flowers that were alive. The rest of the flowers will not last long as they were covered with slime on the stems. Even though the flowers had a wrapping of plastic around them in the bucket of water where they were displayed, it was opaque and you could not see the stems. I would have expected better than this. On the up side, the cashier was very pleasant and polite when checking out, but that does not make up for the feeling of being ripped off by over-paying for a poor quality product. My husband has a beautiful flower garden in the summer and it was quite embarrassing to give him flowers in this condition

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Reviewed by Filtrip: 4.00 out of 10 on 12/14/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Vanier parkway
We went to the vanier super store last night dec 13 2016. The staff were the rudes people I have encountered at a retail store. There were no cashiers just self serve. The self serve was rebooting and the two girls that were working refused to help us. This st 11:50 at night after work. For a company that makes so much money and has such large store I'm amazed that they don't have professional staff. They certainly lost more than one customer last night. People were leaving the store in disgust.

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Reviewed by aerobicspartner: 1.00 out of 10 on 12/13/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Beaumont, Alberta
The manager of loblaws pharmacy needs to be replaces. He is not pleasant and he seems very unhapppy. I have been told there has been many complaints about him(Sam) but he continues to be miserable to his customers. Is it not the job of a manager to have better customer relations? Is that not why they qualify for a manager position ? I have been using the loblaws Beaumont pharmacy for now three years. I have been dealing with this manager for those years. I have spent in those three years thousands of dollars on meds. My husband is very ill and we will be buying lots of meds while he recovers. I have thought many times of changing pharmacys. And after the other day, I think that is a real possibility. I go in with a smile on my face and come out grumpy after having to deal with him. I have seen how he treats his staff as well. Never a nice word to them. I am dealing with enough with my husbands medical issues I do not need to deal with a miserable pharmacist . It's unprofessional..... how hard is it for him to be nice and friendly. People going to the loblaws pharmacy have medical issues ..... they are in need of support, not a crabby so called professional. I hope this complaint is heard. If he does not change his attitude I will be going else where. And when asked at another pharmacy why I am changing pharmacys.... I will tell him that every time I went into the loblaws pharmacy the manager made me feel like I was bothering him. No smile, just tiered of feeling uncomfortable around him. Not sure if you care about the bad publicity about your pharmacy manager. But no pharmacy can afford to loose to many customers. I know of some people who have changed pharmacys because of Sam and his bad attitude . I would like to continue as a customer because I do like Sam's staff just not him. I will give it one more try and if he hasn't changed then I know loblaws has not spoken to him about his behaviour. As I said more people have complained about Sam but he is still empl

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Reviewed by Ella: 4.00 out of 10 on 12/13/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Broadview and Danforth
I went last week to the Loblaws on Broadview and Danforth. I spent $50.00 on groceries. Then two of my friends joined me and I took pictures of them for a class project. One of the staff came to us very angrily telling us we couldn't take pictures and that we had to go outside. She was standing right up close to my friend, no space between them. It was very intimidating. I didn't know they had a policy against taking pictures, but even if that it is the case, there are ways to tell your customers to put away their cameras. Becoming angry and treating a customer like a criminal is not the best way. We decided to leave so we started discussing where to go, while at the same time collecting our bags from the cart. But the woman came back and told us that she had told us not to take pictures and that we had to stop. She was angrier than before. We couldn't understand why she was behaving like this since we were no long taking pictures and we were clearly leaving. It was a really unpleasant, embarrassing situation. They lost all of us as clients.

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Reviewed by Lerrick: 2.50 out of 10 on 12/7/2016
City/Location Reviewed:
Dear Sir or Madame. I just completed shopping at Loblaws at St. Clair West St. I observe a continuing decline in customer service. Your kosher section suffers from a lack of attention. Already I have shifted a large part of my kosher shopping up north. Please get someone who understands the needs of the Jewish community to help with your selection of goods. I can rely on some of the salads in the cooler to be past expiry, and the cooler drips condensate on the goods. With respect to my other shopping needs, I stood in the checkout line far too long this morning. One small order and one large order cashier. And of course the self-checkout that I have no intention of using as I know it will result in less staff and less service ultimately. I really dislike the new sale cards consisting of a folding section that obscures the price. The prices should be visible whichever way I ply the aisle. It is a matter of fact I have reduced the volume of business I do in this location. And if things don't improve, you can count on me spending my money with your competitors up north.

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Reviewed by Batman: 6.25 out of 10 on 12/2/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Miramichi, N.B.
I recently visited your Miramichi Store located at 408 King George Hwy., to purchase some softener salt for my water softener machine. I asked at the Customer Service desk if they had any available and to my dismay was told they are no longer allowed to carry water softener salt, windshield washer fluid or Safe-t-salt. She said it was because of the new school that was built up the street and the "Environmentalists."???? They just built the school right next to the old one that was there for at least 40 years. What does water softener salt have to do with a school? I'm taking it home to use and as I don't live in the City I don't see the relevance to this. This is totally ridiculous and I'm outraged that I now have to travel a 1/2 hour to Walmart to purchase softener salt for my machine. I'm sure I won't be the only disgruntled customer as everyone who lives along my road has a water softener in their home. I would appreciate a response to my complaint and a resolution to it as well. You cannot tell me that they don't use windshield washer fluid in the school buses or salt the parking lot at the schools. We live in CANADA!!!!! Very frustrated!

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Reviewed by Maggy: 5.75 out of 10 on 11/30/2016
City/Location Reviewed: London, ont.
I am complaining about your "Multi" system pricing. I am an elderly widow who is on a pension Rarely do I want to purchase 1 item, which in some cases, would cost up to a dollar more than the multi unit price. This system is very discriminatory and I believe there should be a system in place to allow me to purchase one item at the multi price equivalent. Please review my complaint and respond to me. Also, at your Masonville store, the pricing is poor, either non-existing or not reflective of the advertised price. Thank you, "Maggy"

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Reviewed by walt: 8.00 out of 10 on 11/26/2016
City/Location Reviewed: timmins, ont.
Never looked into your background but today had to go over your CSR report. I realize your indep. retailers are supposed to believe and adhere to this report which brings me to thepoint of this letter. I believe that some retailers in order to make their annual objective, feel it is OK to cheat a little even at the customers expense and inconvenience. I reference an article in the local paper pointing out that in these tough times that some food retailers in order to get the best bang for their buck is to mix good(meat) with " BEST BEFORE" that has expired or close too and put it back on the shelf as grade "A" or whatever. I believe this is what i encountered in our local IGA. On Nov.24/16 i was shopping for hamburg meat for meat pies. The ground beef i needed was displayed in small quantities except for several larger packages by themselves. I asked the butcher why there was a price difference between the small and large pkgs. He said the larger packages were classed asclub packs and the size made it cheaper to buy.. So I buy a club pack and deposit itdirectly to the fridge at home. Next A.M. the wife finds that half the meat has the green colour assoc. with rottingand its off to the store again. Now it's one thing to deceive your public with a tainted product but the real insult comes with the butcher giving me (at age 76) a line of B.S. about club packs and cheaper by volume etc. I am still so pissed at the deception I contemplate if I have a civic duty to inform the public via editors letter . You canbe sure it will continue.

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Reviewed by Nick Shearman: 7.75 out of 10 on 11/25/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Newmarket Siper store
Dear sir or madam , I live in Keswick ,I cannot get Boxed 6pack Silk cartons at Zehrs in Keswick because you only carry it in cartons of 6 at the superstores. I traveled from Keswick to Newmarket store with to pick up 6 boxes of silk almond milk ,finding none on the shelf I ask an employee if she could get me some from the back . I was told no because inventor was going on and she was not aloud to touch them ,I then went to customer service and was told the same thing .I at that point told customer service I was "pissed" and walked away.I am highly disappointed in the lack of customer service I did NOT receive ,Any discount I may have gotten by buying in bulk was destroyed in lost gas money knowing also that I have to do it all again due to a total lack of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Please in future change your policies so the USTOMER is not put out by a lack of consideration and short sightedness when NOT stocking shelves when doing inventory and supplying smaller stores with the bulk option which they don't have at this time . Sincerely Nick Shearman.

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Reviewed by lisa: 6.50 out of 10 on 11/24/2016
City/Location Reviewed: mississauga, glen Erin
Today, I was quite upset, after school took the drive down Glen Erin to purchaced the chicken breast pieces, 1.49 cents for one piece, I bought eight of them, when I arrived home and opened the box, took one out withmy grandson to enjoy them, I realized that they were way to hard and tough to eat, not sure if they were there for a couple of days, but tasted that way cause the chicken was dry andthe top o t was older dried out didn't get a discount , not that I wanted one, but if the chicken wasn't good the lady who sold them to be should have informed me of that. so disappointed in Loblaws. Thank you Gladys LeBLanc

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Reviewed by Boppin: 4.25 out of 10 on 11/24/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Bowmanville
I was in at loblaws bowmanville location to pick up my pills. I stood at the deli counter for some time no service I asked the lady at the counter that cooks the food about the service .she tells me the lady is way down the back and to go find her . I was so mad that I walked out of the store with only my pills .and ended up at freshco for my needs ,if it was not for the pharmcy i would not even step inside the store. I have been dealing with this pharmcy since the store opened in bowmanville I have considered finding another pharmcy but they do a great job and support them 100 % to bad the other departments cared about their customers

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Reviewed by Garry Rasmussen: 4.00 out of 10 on 11/22/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Kingston, ont
My wife, I and 20 year old daughter went to the checkout with about 50 dollars worth of groceries which including 4 beer cans. The checkout employee was very rude and informed us that we could not buy the beer since our daughter didn't have ID. We made it clear the beer was for me, a 61 year old. She continued her rude treatment repeating the store policy again. We will not shop at Loblaws again. We were made to feel like criminals being publicly shamed for trying to buy 4 beers. The store number is 01040 Terminal is Z0104002 At 2:11 pm

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Reviewed by EL: 6.25 out of 10 on 11/21/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Ottawa
Bought chicken breast roast stuffed with italian pork sausage & apple, wrapped in bacon. My wife and I love trying new things but this "from out chefs" selection was something that belongs in the "what were you thinking"! Apart from the buried string, the texture of the italian sausage was disgusting and the chicken tasteless. The bacon was good but hardly worth the preparation time and effort to enjoy bacon. We will not accept your chef's recommendation in the future. PS Enjoyed the pop up thermometer!

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Reviewed by jackie: 3.00 out of 10 on 11/18/2016
City/Location Reviewed: toronto
I recently shop at loblaws and have a pc card to collect points and because of the new planno for the yogurt I can buy certain products that would give me points that I use on regular basics. ie liberty kefir which all the flavours are gone and the pc kefir as well all they sell now is the plain and a coconut I think.

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Thank you for your interest in Loblaws Customer Care. Your Complaints and reviews provide valuable feedback to all Grocery businesses to improve the service we as customers are provided.

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