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Loblaws Complaints

Loblaws Complaints

Loblaws is a supermarket chain with over 70 stores in Canada, headquartered in Brampton, with stores across Ontario and Quebec. Loblaws is a division of Loblaw Companies Limited, Canada's largest food distributor.

Loblaws Customer Complaints and Reviews

Thank your for your interest in helping to improve customer service at Loblaws. All reviews and complaints matter. Please share your latest experiences to provide feedback on the Loblaws customer service. Write your own customer service complaint or review for Loblaws below.

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Latest Loblaws Complaints and Reviews

Reviewed by Liz: 6.25 out of 10 on 2/3/2016
City/Location Reviewed: MOncton
My beef is the flyer feb3. The split page format is soon frustrating. Those floppy half sheets are. Pain in the!!! I don't even bother to read the splits. Please improve the fleur. What is the purpose of this annoyance anyway?

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Reviewed by CB: 3.25 out of 10 on 1/12/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Head Office
I asked for some information for a school assignment.... and got this response in return. Not even one single piece of information was provided... for an organization that "prides itself on community involvement"....they did a pretty bad job at helping members of their community. Not to mention, we spend $400 WEEKLY at the Superstore on groceries... you would think they would be able to find the time to respond to an e-mail. See Response Below: Dear Ms. ********, Thank you for taking the time to write to us. As I'm sure you can appreciate, we receive a high number of information requests from students with inquiries regarding Loblaw Companies. As much as we would like the opportunity to assist in these projects, we are simply unable to accommodate these requests. All public information available on the business can be found on our corporate website at Thank you again for your e-mail and best of luck with your assignment.

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Reviewed by Charlie: 3.25 out of 10 on 1/6/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Halifax N.S. Bayers Lake
Went to the Bayers Lake Superstore this past Monday.There was a display of romaine lettuce there ,but with no price on it.I asked a person in produce how much it was,and he thought it was 4.99.Now my question is how do you sell anything with no price on it ,and I must say that this happens all the time in your stores.Anyway I came back to the display 30 minutes later, and still no price on it, and none had been sold either,and of course I did not buy any , I like to know what I have to pay first.Customer service seems to have gone out the window.I wonder if I go back days later,if the price would be on it,most likely not.

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Reviewed by Valerie: 7.00 out of 10 on 12/28/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto-Leslie St.
I bought a yule log cake on December 24th to serve on Christmas Day. It was so stale that I was embarrassed to serve it to my guests. I returned it on December 27th at 3:30 pm and was given a refund of $9.99. However, it wasn't the money that was the issue: 1) I bought the cake at Loblaws because it is a high qualify store and I believed that I could trust the product. 2) the Customer Service Manager on duty did not handle the situation well at all. She acted as if I was trying to commit fraud and said that the Best Before date was December 28th so the cake should have been fine. There wasn't even an apology for selling me a stale cake. Why would the bakery expect that a cake baked on December 22nd would be good until December 28th? The staff member on duty was not quite as rude as the Customer Service Manager. She also emphasized that I should have had a receipt; I don't keep grocery store receipts because I don't expect to be returning anything. She at least apologized, unlike the Customer Service Manager. I would expect that a Cusltomer Service Manager would have a better attitude when dealing with the public. Thank you Valerie March 647 227 5617

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Reviewed by Ross: 7.75 out of 10 on 11/27/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Kingsville
I went to the store today(Nov 27/15) at approximately 11:30 am. There was only one cashier open with 9 people standing in line for regular grocery checkout. The Manager of the store was acting as a cashier at the Express lane. I hear the Manager or Zehrs is cutting employees' hours and now here he is taking someones job acting as a cashier and there is a line up for checkout. Nine people in line - I can't believe it. This is wrong.

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Reviewed by swampy: 1.00 out of 10 on 11/15/2015
City/Location Reviewed: ontario
Loblaws was guilty of food expiry date tampering, and Joe Fresh was implicated in worker conditions in Bangledesh, that resulted in many deaths. I shopped at your stores for many years, and the food tampering is the last straw. I will not buy anything in your stores ever again and I have no problem reminding others of the companies wrong doings. I believe you to be greedy, selfish and making money at any cost, including the health of Canadian's, disgusting. What goes around, comes around.

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Reviewed by klyde: 1.25 out of 10 on 11/13/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Quebec
I will not buy anything from Loblaws,cause of dates ,new dates put over old dates and their prices are so high ,things are not being thrown out ,cheese for 1 i went to buy cheese and the date on it was oct 2 and it was nov 4 when i bought ,it is a untrustworthy place to buy what you need sorry my opinion

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Reviewed by netty: 9.75 out of 10 on 11/6/2015
City/Location Reviewed: newcastle,ontario
A slight problem with a young unfamiliar cashier at thanksgiving, certainly not enough to stop me from continuing a strong relationship with this grocery store. Wanted to let you know, I am thrilled with a new product that I have never seen, but will be buying every other week. The product is called pepperellos, free from antibiotics, , sodium nitrates and other weird chemicals. My husband and I were going to stop, all processed products,especially with the recent scare for cancer (my husband is being tested for cancer, now) we are thrilled. Thanks Annette

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Reviewed by Georgia: 10.00 out of 10 on 10/11/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto
I always have excellent customer service at Loblaws the Maple Leaf location and recently at the North York and Sheppard location.

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Reviewed by Will: 7.75 out of 10 on 10/6/2015
City/Location Reviewed:
I find in amazing that anyone would shop at a store that is so anti-Canadian. They have switched the majority of their fresh produce to that grown outside the country, even in the height of summer. Clearly, they are eager to support US farmers, I say, let the US farmers buy their stuff.. I am shopping at a store that cares about Canadians.

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Reviewed by Ryan: 5.50 out of 10 on 10/5/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Ottawa Baseline
I didnt get my Pc points cause i forgot to load my offers and the cashier told me to call some number to fix it, instead of giving me a refund or let me have my items rescanned with my pc points card like one other time. Also their more expensive than other places and I hear they buy out other companies like shoppers drug mart

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Reviewed by Kay: 4.75 out of 10 on 9/24/2015
City/Location Reviewed: 380 the east mall
Went to the store at lunch time as I just love their regular canollis. There was no-one at the main pastry counter for about 5 minutes, so one of the customers had another employee page someone to help us. When the girl came through she took her time assisting the client, and I patiently wait until she finished. Then when she was done she looked over at me and and with a not so friendly tone said "do you need help" I said yes and I gave her my order and followed her to the canollis section. She had to add the filling and she put the pastries in the box and put it on the counter for me to take away and as I said thank you she just walked away ignoring me and she continued to talk to her colleague behind the counter like I was inconveniencing her. When I got to work and started eating my canolli I noticed that for a $2 canolli she did not even fill the thing with filling throughout, she just covered the ends and that's it. I was so disappointed I just told myself this is the last time I purchase this pastry at this location. I get that maybe the employee was having a bad afternoon, but to deliver poor product and service was just disappointing to say the least. This is one of my favourite locations in the city but I work too hard to be continuously spend my money at a place where it is not appreciated. This was not they first bad service encounter... Great location bad service

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Reviewed by bobo: 1.00 out of 10 on 9/11/2015
City/Location Reviewed: southkeys ottawa
employees are ruid haba has a old dirty lady torn pants angry heard her lashing out at other employee on the floor employee with glasses use to drive school bus thinks she is hitler she is the only one who does any work every time your in there she is gossiping about other employees. customer service is very poor management is ruid. shopping experience bad will not return customer service experience 0

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Reviewed by Sky: 4.00 out of 10 on 9/3/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Empress Walk, Toronto
Today I wanted to buy a watermelon, but the ones cut in quarters looked quite old - brownish and cracked. Then I bought a whole watermelon, but when I cut it open, it turned out to be rotten inside. Went to complain about it on their customer service site, but it wasn't working. With such service, no wonder Loblows goes bankrupt.

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Reviewed by Gail peacock: 4.75 out of 10 on 8/30/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Dundas and humbercrest store
Recently I purchased strawberries at this store.($6.99)Within a day(24 hours) 75% had become The point where they were inedible.I have no bill.I am a regular customer at this store and am quite disappointed. Gail peacock 416 766-9528 115 baby point rd. Toronto M6S 2 G7

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Reviewed by Mary Mathieu.: 4.00 out of 10 on 8/20/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto, Gerrard & Victoria Park Sts.
While visiting your store yesterday, Wednesday,August 19th, with my friend, my friend had to get home quickly as her grandson was coming for lunch. The check out lines were all very busy, so we went to the computers. Not knowing how to use same, we looked around for assistance. The person we could see for help was busy, then a sales associate was passing by and I said, "Excuse me, could you help us please?". She said you should be asking her, then seeing "her" was busy, she looked at our machine and said you have the wrong screen. This is a computer, push this button, then that button, and don't leave your parcel on the shelf, do what the computer tells you and put items in the bag. All this said in an angry tone. I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to get out of there. I said to my friend that I have never been treated like that by a sales associate in any other store. When I told my husband about it, he said you should have gotten her name and her employee number. I just thought I should let you know, that perhaps you should train your sales associates to make shopping a pleasant experience in your store. I, for one, will not be shopping in your stores again. Regretfully, Mary Mathieu.

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Reviewed by MuffinLady: 4.00 out of 10 on 7/12/2015
City/Location Reviewed: St. Clair Centre Market
The produce at store 01142 (St. Clair Centre) is terrible. Always terrible. So we avoid that store and always go to the Sobeys in the same area because the produce is much better. Today we thought we'd try again and now we feel certain that the produce is terrible and we'll never go back there again. The bread we were interested in was moldy. In fact, about four packages of the bread were moldy. And we bought a watermelon that was rotten in the middle. Unfortunately we couldn't know that until we cut into it at home. So we had to go back and return it. Watermelon can be a gamble because it may be a bit dry or not very sweet, but I've never had rotten watermelon. But at the St. Clair Loblaws / Market, that would be par for the course. When I speak to a number of people in the area about the St. Clair Market Loblaws they all say the produce is terrible (old, rotting, dried up, expired) and go to the Sobeys because it's much better. **I tried to submit a webform on the Loblaws website about this but that wouldn't work either!!!

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Reviewed by flippycustomer: 6.25 out of 10 on 6/19/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Campbellton, NB
When I was at Loblaws SuperStore, 25 Savoie ST. Atholville, NB, E3N 4A8 I was doing my groceries this morning when on my way out of the store the cart hit a gap in the parking lot pavement and I flipped over the cart and landed on my knees, scrapped my legs, and am still feeling sore. My dad was there with me and he seen everything. Will I have to get a lawyer so I can go to the grocery store? When my dad and I went to talk to the manager he said "I contacted the company earlier this year to fill in the holes, all they did was put some gravel in a couple holes and the gravel was gone in no time". So I was directed to write a complaint to the company regarding what you are going to do about this incident. If I have to I will get a lawyer, I shouldn't need a lawyer so I can go to the grocery store in peace. I do not go to the grocery store to get hurt. I am very unpleased with my trip to the grocery store this morning. Get back to me as soon as possible with what you can do about this incident and from there I will know what I will have to do about the incident to make sure that it doesn't happen to anyone else.

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Reviewed by joan wallace: 7.50 out of 10 on 6/14/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Etobicoke, Ontario
We shop on a regular basis at Loblaws at Burnhamthorpe and theEast Mall. I have a points plus card, which I assumed would accumulate points every time I shop, which is very frequent. After spending almost $300.00 at the store today was informed that the points plus doesn't accumulate points, only for certain items. You need to have a Loblaws credit card to accumulate points on all your purchases......never explained when I got the Points Plus card. Forget my shopping bags today and was charged five cents a bag to pack my groceries.....not a huge amount, but an irritant when you have a large grocery bill. Lastly, I resent being asked to donate $2.00 for charity every time I shop. We donate to a number of charities all year long, and their charity is not one we support. We have a large Longo store close by and we will be shopping there from now on. The cashiers can't do enough for you and you accumulate points on all the groceries you buy. No charge for bags either.

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Reviewed by tree: 1.00 out of 10 on 5/22/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Richmond Hill
I visited your store at High Tech Rd., Richmond Hill on 2015 evening around 9:30pm. I bought some groceries and bread. I went home, I found out that bread have a Big....Mold? Then I check expiry date. I am so very ...surprise. Bread already is expired 4 days ago. Still on the shelves to sale? Loblaws sale expired grocerier or bread? What happen if senior person bought a mold bread then they eat it? They will get sick and food posion! I very so...disappoint Loblaws. Nex day I need go back to Loblaws customer service for refund. At customer service are so rude. Even store manager. Now I am shopping to Walmart Supercenter.

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Thank you for your interest in Loblaws Customer Care. Your Complaints and reviews provide valuable feedback to all Grocery businesses to improve the service we as customers are provided.

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