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Canadian Automobile Association Complaints

Canadian Automobile Association Complaints

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is one of the largest consumer-based organizations in Canada. We help provide freedom and peace of mind to over 5.6 million Members through 9 automobile Clubs and over 140 offices located across the country. CAA provides access to an impressive and ever-expanding range of innovative and reliable services that allow you to travel with confidence — wherever life happens to take you — from your own backyard to just about anywhere your heart desires. Your CAA Club offers exceptional Emergency Roadside Service, complete Automotive and Travel Services, Member Savings and comprehensive Insurance Services. We’re here for you while advocating on behalf of Canada’s travelling public.

Canadian Automobile Association Customer Complaints and Reviews

Thank your for your interest in helping to improve customer service at Canadian Automobile Association. All reviews and complaints matter. Please share your latest experiences to provide feedback on the Canadian Automobile Association customer service. Write your own customer service complaint or review for Canadian Automobile Association below.

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Latest Canadian Automobile Association Complaints and Reviews

Reviewed by steve: 1.00 out of 10 on 3/31/2018
City/Location Reviewed: rodney ont
arrived home from work fri mar 30 at 1.30 am to find my driveway with four very large deep ruts .sat am spoke to my neighbours who informed me that there was a large flat bed truck ,with caa labels on it and very small lettering national road side solutions .he was seen once on my property,and once towing and old brown vw gulf in town.first question why was he on my property i did not request them he could have turned around on the street,second Whos going to repair the damage spoke to road side assist fri mar 31 got nothing but a run around

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Reviewed by Very Angry Customer: 3.25 out of 10 on 1/20/2018
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto
When I ask to speak to a supervisor, I want to speak to one right away not 10 minutes later. I don't blame the csr. When the supervisor finally came, she was not interested that I had waited for hours for caa. I won't renew.

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Reviewed by disappointed customer: 1.00 out of 10 on 1/16/2018
City/Location Reviewed: CAAsouth /central ontario
I am trying to obtain a paid for membership pkg for my granddaughter that was paid for on December 12th/17 . i have been frustrated in my attempts to obtain . It was promised to me for Dec 22 , then Dec 30th then was told it was mailed out Jan 2nd , but another would be sent in case was lost in the mail. has never appeared . today when i called again I was told that nothing had ever been processed until Jan 8th/18and it would arrive in 7 to 10 days . It is with disbelief we await this .I attempted to speak with customer service about this, was put on hold until I had to hang up. I would like to speak to someone who will listen to what has transpired and will truthfully answer questions and provive some resolution . this was a gift and i am saddened she has been unable to receive it although paid for . thank you to anyone that will help .

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Reviewed by Angry customer: 1.00 out of 10 on 12/27/2017
City/Location Reviewed: WINNIPEG
Kelly is a very poor customer representative. I had to repeatt myself numerous times as she was not listening. During the conversation, my husband heard her read back the information incorrectly that was provided to her. On top of this she raised her voice at me. She should not be a customer service representative as it is clear she is not cut out to perform her job.

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Reviewed by Vasco: 1.00 out of 10 on 11/14/2017
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto
As an Auto Repair Shop Owner I have had bad experiences with CAA Towing. They will tow the car to another Repair Shop where they are getting paid, some kind of kick back for giving the other shop the business. CAA should be more responsible about this practise. They should be sued!

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Reviewed by EIA: 6.50 out of 10 on 11/12/2017
City/Location Reviewed: Maple
I had a bad experience using CAA yesterday. After request a service and wait for about 1 hour for a flatbed in a very cold weather, I decided to call them again to check the ETA. After be informed that the flatbed will take 40 more minutes arrive, I asked the attendant, Mrs. Shannon, if there was any way to speed up the service. She ironically asked me: “ Do you want me to ask for the driver to speed?” using “that” voice…Come on, really? I am cold, waiting for more than an hour and now I still have to deal with a very unprofessional and disrespectful attendant? And then the cherry on the cake: when I asked to file a complaint about her behaviour, she was the one who “take note” about my complaint against herself. She continue to be very ironically and disrespectful until the end of the call and I really hope my complaint reaches someone at CAA that can really do something to avoid this kind of thing to happened again in the future.

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Reviewed by Saima Chughtai-Sandoval: 7.00 out of 10 on 10/18/2017
City/Location Reviewed: Hamilton
For some strange reason the previous review I submitted got distorted and is not reflective of what I actually submitted. There is a grave glitch in your submit a review link

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Reviewed by Saima Chughtai Sandoval: 7.00 out of 10 on 10/18/2017
City/Location Reviewed: Hamilton
Good Evening, CAA Membership Number# 620 282 1300844018 I am frankly appalled at the service I received tonight in regards to a Battery Assist request placed at 2 hours prior whereby it still has not been completed due to the lack of knowledge of the two drivers that have been sent to my residence at 40 Davinci Blvd, Hamilton, On L9B 0C5 in their towing and storage white CAA pick up trucks. The second driver was very rude and would not even give me his first name and was driving the same pick up the initial driver Gord was driving when first dispatched to my home. In fact Gord scared my 7 year old daughter by not even knowing how to boost my 2000 Volvo and making sports come out from under the hood. In the past I had my 2001 Impala's motherboard fried, I asked that he cease his trial and error method and asked for an actual knowledgeable battery assist representative to attend my home. An hour later another rude driver with no battery assist vehicle attended my residence, without a replacement battery for my vehicle. In fact he was in the identical truck the first driver was driving which was clearly marked, Towing and Storage again. I asked for his name and he would not even give it. I told him his assistance was useless for the fact that he could not even tow me should I require a tow, since it was a pick up truck. Anyhow, when I asked that he leave, he refused and then forced me to abruptly advise him that he was trespassing and to leave and remove his vehicle from my driveway. The driver then further decided to share gossip with an uncouth neighbour two houses down since she seems to know several CAA drivers since they often attended her residence in the past. I came in and called CAA again whereby I spoke to a representative and explained the ordeal that I was being put through and advised that it was almost there hours that have been wasted due to the unprofessionalism of the drivers. I asked for reassurance that the third vehicle that was going

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Reviewed by PW: 1.00 out of 10 on 8/2/2017
City/Location Reviewed: Belleville Ontario
Very bad experience trying to help an elderly couple broke down in a vintage Jaguar while on a week long Tour. Called CAA for the couple. Tried 3 times before an operator picked up, had to listen to all of their advertising first. Finally got through, the operator made it a priority call because of elderly couple and the heat that day. Priority call is an hour, then I made another call when the truck did not arrive, again 3 times before an operator picked up. Priority call then went to another hour added on. Wanted to use a local Towing company that was 25 minutes away that has been in business over 25 years and they said no, they were not a Member of the Canadian Towing Association and would not reimburse the customer. The Belleville CAA office said just leave the Jaguar on the road, the driver will find it. My comment was, would you leave your Vintage Car on a back road and leave, I don't think so. When truck did arrive the Driver was not friendly at all. Did not ask the elderly couple if they were alright or if they needed something. Didn't even offer to help them in the Truck. Cab of the truck was full of junk. He had to move items for people to get in. Larry's Towing from Trenton Ontario driver is not a good CAA representative. If a priority call takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, I would hate to be a regular call. If a score pops up it is not right. I can't score this experience because there are no minus signs in front of the numbered stars.

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Reviewed by Mary: 10.00 out of 10 on 2/26/2017
City/Location Reviewed: Guelph
On Feb. 26th, my daughter's car wouldn't start and she called CAA. As she had to rush off to work, I waited for the tow truck. He arrived in good time and proved to be knowledgeable and a hard worker. He worked for Classic Towing and his name is Norman Green. I was so impressed with his positive attitude and wanted to recognize his excellent work. Thanks Mary Hebden

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Reviewed by Tommy Ticked Off: 1.00 out of 10 on 12/31/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Kingston
Wished to sign up for a trip ti Ireland in June 2017 which stated no extra charge for single bookings. We were turned down as we were a couple. How stupid is that. The travel section must be run by a bunch of idiots. Perhaps you are now a dating service. Who decides this is really dumb. We have been CAA members since 1961 and now get treated like dirt. Shame on you. We will never employ CAA for any travel plans again

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Reviewed by jj: 1.00 out of 10 on 11/16/2016
City/Location Reviewed: sudbury

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Reviewed by Rose: 1.00 out of 10 on 10/11/2016
City/Location Reviewed: Welland
I have been trying to resolve an issue since last June and have been ignored. On June 24,2016 I waited for 45 minutes in the sweltering heat to have my battery boosted. As soon as it was boosted, I tried to drive to the garage but the battery died again. The mechanic hadn't even waited 1 minute for me to drive away. I am 84 years old and it was dangerous to wait in that heat again. I had to pay the local garage to boost the battery again. I have repeatedly asked CAA to compensate me for the extra cost because of their negligence. If you are a senior, don"t think a CAA membership will help you.

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Reviewed by Not that anyone care: 7.75 out of 10 on 5/5/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Newmarket
I was traveling to the States and had an accident and hit a potholes that send my tires to damage beyond repair. I could not find the right tire size for my car and I had to have them ordered. They quickest delivery would be the following day. I had to check into a Hotel until the repair is complete. When I submitted a claim for trip interruption which is covered under my membership coverage, The claim was denied without acceptable reason. When I phoned, the person I talked to seemed to have already made her mind to decline the claim. She mentioned that it is covered only under specific type of membership. When I e-mailed a copy of the brochure that shows that this service is covered by all the types of membership. She obviously does not know enough about the service CAA offers to customers !!!. She asked for a copy and when I did, she replied that the interruption has to be due to an accident. I don't think she even understand the definition of Accident. When I argued with that, she said I have to have a police report. Worth noting, I have submitted with my claim pictures and even video from my dash Cam, in addition to a record of the service call I placed in order to get a road assistance. I also submitted a copy of the hotel stay. Nothing seemed to convince her. As I said, she was prepared to decline the claim. You think you pay for specific service until you request it. What a scam and phony service. I am throwing money in the toilet by paying for a CAA membership for all those years.

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Reviewed by Belle: 2.50 out of 10 on 2/28/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto
Called roadside assistance a few years ago when my car stalled in an intersection. Waited four hours, was quoted 45 minutes. Today, I need a battery boost or battery and called at noon. It is now 8 pm. Was told to expect battery assist by 2:30. No go. Called back and was told it would be another 2 hours. It has now been several hours more. I am throwing money in the toilet by paying for a CAA membership. If anyone shows up, it will be at 3 am.

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Reviewed by Sara: 1.00 out of 10 on 2/18/2015
City/Location Reviewed: Mississauga
I called CAA on Feb 17 th at 5:30pm when my battery died. I waited on the phone for 45 mins for someone to take the call. I had my two young kids in the car with me and no where in sight to go to get warm. Asked them to put me on a priority list. For 2 hours i waited and no one showed. I was sitting in the back seat with my kids for 2 hours in Winter at -35 windshiled. A man pulling out of the parking lot saw me and the kids and asked if we needed help. I called CAA to cancel the service as i was thinking some other poor soul could be put up in the priority list and had to wait 45 mins to get a person on the phone to tell them that i wanted to cancel the service!!!!!! I called the next day at 10am to ask them to come and change my battery....was on hold for 55 mins (have work collegues who can attest to that)!! They said someone will be there by 2pm!!!!!!!! A 4 hour wait!!! At 1:00 pm i called to say i have an important business meeting that i need to attend when are they coming (again 55 min wait to get to a person!!). They said "i can't find your request in our system! ARe you kidding ME!!!!!!! They said they will call the car to see where they are at!!!!! IT's 2:18pm now and no call to let me know where they are!!! This is an F'n JOKE!!! I have CAA Plus and this is the service i pay for!!!! I've paid for 2 years and never used them! The one time i do need them they do this!!!! I'm cancelling my CAA membership as they are beyond ----- anything horrid!!!

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Reviewed by MARKUS: 7.75 out of 10 on 5/29/2014
City/Location Reviewed: Hanover, On
My pickup truck and 10 foot enclosed trailer all heavily loaded with recent acquisitions (I am an antique dealer/picker) broke down just west of Orangeville, On. in the evening. I was 2.5 hours from home and had not renewed my CAA for 4 years after 12 years as a member. I kept the card with me to remind myself to renew but procrastinated for years. duh! After the CAA rep had several discussions with higher ups, I was granted immediate membership and my complete tow that night, including getting myself, my truck and my trailer home, was included by a very competent and friendly operator named Joe out of Dundalk, On. I will be a CAA member for life now. The bill would have cost me over $800. Thank you to all at CAA who helped me that night.

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Reviewed by Nicole: 6.25 out of 10 on 2/15/2014
City/Location Reviewed: hamilton
I called in the morning to have my car towed to a tire shop since my tire had been slashed and also, the spare was unusable. Firstly, the employee I spoke to on the phone was very nice. Although, the tow truck did arrive later than I was told and they did not give me the call 5 minutes ahead to let me know that they were on their way. They called me AFTER they left because they said, they could not get my small car on the flat bed, saying that they would send another and I would need to help push the car out. Then about half an hour later, they sent a small truck, NOT a tow truck and asked me where my spare was so they could change it. I told them so many times, I did not have a tire to change it to, which is why I needed it towed to the shop! So, about another half hour later, another flat bed truck arrives and the driver just had a horrible attitude. I have no idea where that even came from, but he was very rude to me for no reason, saying that there's no point in towing it and that I should just walk to the shop and get a tire and change it at home. I really didn't need his opinion, I already verified all this on the phone with multiple employees. And then, when I would ask him simple questions about if I could give him my keys to give to the mechanic, he would roll his eyes and answer rudely. Clearly, he just didn't want to do his job. Well, sorry, I inconvenienced you, but I do have a membership, so I am entitled to get my car towed.

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Reviewed by Barbara Seagram: 9.25 out of 10 on 7/2/2013
City/Location Reviewed: Toronto ON
I had a flat tire yesterday and called CAA. They said that help would arrive in 45 mins. They then called to say that help would arrive in 25 mins. Help actually arrived 20 mins after I called in. The man found a nail in the tire, removed it, inflated the tire and then put in a big piece of special fabric to plug the hole. The whole thing was an amazing process. No need to use the spare tire or be inconvenienced in any way. His number was A93X and his name was Brian and he was fantastic. I always have good experiences with CAA but this was fabulous.

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Reviewed by Jim: 8.00 out of 10 on 4/17/2013
City/Location Reviewed: Ottawa
SIR: Before leaving for Florida in February, I asked for and got the CAA’s TripTik. After a few hours on the road I discovered to my horror that it was not the TripTik with which I had become familiar and did not provide the information that I needed and was expecting. After a couple of days, I realized that it was totally useless. This was a great disappointment and I wish now that I had kept my TripTik from earlier years. I would like to know what possessed you to knowingly downgrade the TripTik to the point where it is a complete waste of the paper it is printed on? Will you bring back the older version next year? Jim MacNeill CAA# 620 290 0958801 007. Member since 1988.

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Thank you for your interest in Canadian Automobile Association Customer Care. Your Complaints and reviews provide valuable feedback to all Travel - Agents & Online businesses to improve the service we as customers are provided.

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